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The Restore Point

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Children and teens are battling weight issues from alarmingly early ages.

Obese kids and teens face risk factors like cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and are more likely to develop pre-diabetes. They are also more likely to suffer from social and psychological issues like bullying and low self-esteem. You may have tried and failed to help your child lose weight on fad diets and extreme exercise programs.

The first thing to realize is that:



Like personal computers, our bodies are at risk for taking on the malware of processed foods, bad eating habits and increasingly sedentary "virtual" lives.

THE RESTORE POINT is a metabolic "fix"that turns back your child or teen's body to its original, healthy "factory fresh"version. THE RESTORE POINT was written by Frederick N. Lukash, a pediatric plastic surgeon who deals with the aftermath of childhood obesity everyday.

In THE RESTORE POINT, Dr. Lukash shows you:

How to create a lifetime template of healthy eating habits based on THE FOOD WHEEL vs. the old fashioned Food Pyramid.

How to get your child moving with simple, inexpensive techniques that prepare the body for increasingly dynamic levels of fitness.

How eating evolved to make kids fat. Your child's obesity is NOT YOUR FAULT. Helicopter parents and tiger moms have fat kids, too. The solution is to go back to our original, evolutionary RESTORE POINT.

This book of simple principles is designed specifically for overweight kids, teens and their families. It s easy-to-follow, basic guidelines have already helped kids and teens lose hundreds of pounds, healthfully and forever, preparing them for STRONG, LEAN LIVING for the rest of their the end of the tunnel."

How To Restore Old Furniture Guide

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Furniture gives the room the warmth and feeling of its kind. Ever entered a room without furniture in it?

Well, even if the room is made from the best materials around the world; it will look like something is amiss. That is the gap filled by furniture being when installed. It makes the room full of life and glamour. However, it is not all about the furniture but the look of the furniture. How well furnished is the furniture in your room? How regularly do you do clean ups and, of course, the age of the furniture.

The age of the furniture contributes a lot to the loss of value and diminished appearance. Many choose to throw away such to provide space for others which is a bad idea given that the era we are living is sustainable enough to repair or refurbish to give it a new look and improved shape. Regardless of whether you want to update or bring back the old furniture to life, think about refurbishing and repair.

Alchemy Rediscovered And Restored

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This rate book is brought back into print because it tells the story of alchemy in such simple terms that most all can understand. The cryptic language and symbolism commonly found in alchemy is laid bare so we can comprehend exactly what was meant and what was happening during the pursuit of the alchemical elixir. The premise of the book is to show that the science of alchemy reveals the one law operating within the human spirit and in our quest for immortality. Cockren insists that there is a Divine Plan, and by exploring and experimenting with alchemy, we will find ourselves on the path that will lead us to it. This book must be read in full, so the "complete picture" is shown, and the reader will then see how it all connects. Different parts of the world are covered, as well as different periods of history. There is also a physical alchemy, relating to medicine, that is covered besides the spiritual. Excellent material exists in this small book on the great men of alchemy like St. Germain, Nicholas Flamel, Basil Valentine, and Paracelsus. The book concludes by reprinting two of the world's most important Hermetic alchemical texts -- The Golden Tracate of Hermes and The Book of the Revelation of Hermes.


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