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The Restore Point

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Children and teens are battling weight issues from alarmingly early ages.

Obese kids and teens face risk factors like cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and are more likely to develop pre-diabetes. They are also more likely to suffer from social and psychological issues like bullying and low self-esteem. You may have tried and failed to help your child lose weight on fad diets and extreme exercise programs.

The first thing to realize is that:



Like personal computers, our bodies are at risk for taking on the malware of processed foods, bad eating habits and increasingly sedentary "virtual" lives.

THE RESTORE POINT is a metabolic "fix"that turns back your child or teen's body to its original, healthy "factory fresh"version. THE RESTORE POINT was written by Frederick N. Lukash, a pediatric plastic surgeon who deals with the aftermath of childhood obesity everyday.

In THE RESTORE POINT, Dr. Lukash shows you:

How to create a lifetime template of healthy eating habits based on THE FOOD WHEEL vs. the old fashioned Food Pyramid.

How to get your child moving with simple, inexpensive techniques that prepare the body for increasingly dynamic levels of fitness.

How eating evolved to make kids fat. Your child's obesity is NOT YOUR FAULT. Helicopter parents and tiger moms have fat kids, too. The solution is to go back to our original, evolutionary RESTORE POINT.

This book of simple principles is designed specifically for overweight kids, teens and their families. It s easy-to-follow, basic guidelines have already helped kids and teens lose hundreds of pounds, healthfully and forever, preparing them for STRONG, LEAN LIVING for the rest of their the end of the tunnel."

30-day Relationship Rescue - A Plan To Heal, Restore, And Save Your Christian Marriage (marriage Miracle Series)

RRP $24.95

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Will Your Marriage Last?

You are standing at a crossroads in your relationship.

You love your spouse, but there's so much anger, negativity, and distance between the two of you... You're worried about the future.

How will the two of you survive these troubled times and keep your family from falling apart? If you aren't sure what - if anything - will repair your marriage... don't panic. You're not alone...and your situation is not hopeless!

There is hope within this book...

If you're willing to make a 30-day commitment, you can restore your marriage. You'll build an everlasting relationship of trust, faith, and love.

The 30-Day Commitment That Will Change Your Life

In just 30 days, you can have the love your marriage and in your home. You can end the fighting, heal the hurt feelings, and reclaim the happiness you and your spouse once shared...and still deserve!

In just 30 days, you can get back the security, devotion, and loving partnership God intended for you to have.

Your marriage doesn't have to fail!

This book contains a step-by-step, day-by-day guide to put your marriage back on track. You'll release the sadness and anger...and move beyond the hopelessness.

Don't let your marriage slip away. Get this book and start the healing today!

Stonehenge A Temple Restored To The British Druids

RRP $18.99

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William Stukeley's 1740 study of Stonehenge stands out among the huge number of books on the subject. Stukeley was a pioneer preservationist. He lamented the callous treatment of the majestic ruins both by tourists and landholders. He coined the term 'trilithon' for the doorway-like arrangement of three stones, now common in the literature about megalithic architecture. Stukeley was one of the first to make accurate drawings of the site. The drawings are included in the text but also as seperate prints at the rear of the book to make research easisr The three dozen illustrations to this book, which show Stonehenge from every angle and document its context in the 18th century landscape, are still used today by scholars. He also did some rudimentary archeology, and describes opening the grave of a warrior princess.


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