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Domestic Energy And Affordable Warmth

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This report arises out of the Working Group set up by The Watt Committee on Energy to examine the issues relating to domestic use and affordable warmth, including hard-to-heat houses, low income and fuel poverty. The Working Group has reviewed the evidence of studies undertaken over the past two decades by government departments, local authorities, voluntary organizations and other agencies. It has subsequently established a clear methodology for considering policy options and proposes a range of solutions.
Domestic Energy and Affordable Warmth, with contributions from both academia and industry, and also calling on the expertise of others deeply involved in the subject, provides the reader with an authoritative coverage, defining the difficulties and identifying strategies for dealing with the problems in providing affordable warmth to those living on low means or in inadequate premises.
The Watt Committee on Energy promotes and assists research and development in all aspects of energy, disseminating information and encouraging strategic planning for government, industry, academia and the public at large.

Oxford Bookworms Library Level 1 Ned Kelly

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Help your students read their way to better English with this new edition of the world's best graded readers - now with a new range of World Stories, fully revised Factfiles, more audio, and new tests. The new edition includes the original Bookworms stories, plus the Starters, Playscripts and Factfiles, making it easy for you to see the full choice of books at each Stage. The highly acclaimed seven-stage system of grading, from Starter to Stage 6, remains the same, helping you to find the right level for all your students. The Oxford Bookworms Library provides superb reading and student / teacher support for the classroom, and is also highly recommended for schools running Extensive Reading Programmes, offering the right range of books that encourage students to read for pleasure.


Key Features

Stunning NEW covers, to get students interested from the start.

NEW World Stories - collections of short stories written in English from around the world - Africa, Australia, South Asia and more...

UPDATED Factfiles, with NEW text and colour photos, and a new look.

UPDATED Tests, including a NEW Multiple-choice Test for every book.

NEW Teacher's Handbook for each Stage, with answers to the activities in all the books.

UPDATED Activity Worksheets with a story summary & worksheets at Stages 1-4.

MORE books available with Audio for students to listen to the complete text.

Illustrations (including new ones in selected stories) to support the book and help introduce new vocabulary.

About the Author information, Glossary and Activities section at the back of every book.

FREE answer keys, tests, story summaries, and photocopiable activities from


True Stories

400 Headwords

Wordcount 5,775

Available on Audio CD

When he was a boy, he was poor and hungry. When he was a young man, he was still poor and still hungry. He learnt how to steal horses, he learnt how to fight, he learnt how to live - outside the law. Australia in the 1870s was a hard, wild place. Rich people had land, poor people didn't. So the rich got richer, and the poor stayed poor. Some say Ned Kelly was a bad man. Some say he was a good man but the law was bad. This is the true story of Australia's most famous outlaw.

Oxford Reading Tree

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This book is part of the Oxford Reading Tree Fireflies series which offer a wide range of stimulating non-fiction titles for young children. It includes a variety of topics covering all areas of the curriculum, from science to citizenship. The books have a bright modern page design, and are illustrated with colour photographs. They are carefully graded across 10 stages and contain built-in progression and vocabulary repetition throughout. Each book includes notes for parents/carers and teaching assistants on the inside covers. This book is also available as part of a mixed pack of 6 different books or a class pack of 36 books of the same ORT stage. Each book pack comes with a free copy of up-to-date and invaluable teaching notes. CD-ROM versions of Fireflies titles are also available as eFireflies.


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