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Arcadia Restored

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The masque-like drama "Arcadia Restored" was composed anonymously at the time of the English Civil War, when public performances of plays were banned but when the theatrical culture that had surrounded Shakespeare was still alive - and the glories of Restoration drama were soon to bloom. Published in a stand-alone edition only once before, and now newly edited by textual critic Akihiro Yamada, "Arcadia Restored" sheds fascinating light on illegal dramatic activities in the years before the Restoration. The heart of this edition is of course the play itself, 'an allegorical entertainment', as Yamada describes it, populated by satyrs and nymphs, Juno and Cupid, and Fortune and Virtue, among many others. But this edition also features a rich editorial apparatus that offers a discussion of the provenance of the untitled manuscript and its physical aspects and other features, as well as detailing critics' varied ideas about the work's possible author (George Chapman among them), the play's date and sources, the number of players required to stage it, even its possible performance history. Yamada's notes to individual lines will help both general readers and specialists better understand the allusions sprinkled throughout the text. A glossary and a set of appendices that reproduce extracts from two possible sources for the play are also included. This edition is published as a complement to the original-spelling version of "Arcadia Restored" available for the first time in Yamada's collection "Secrets of the Printed Page in the Age of Shakespeare" ("AMS Studies in the Renaissance", number 46).

30-day Relationship Rescue - A Plan To Heal, Restore, And Save Your Christian Marriage (marriage Miracle Series)

RRP $24.95

Will Your Marriage Last?

You are standing at a crossroads in your relationship.

You love your spouse, but there's so much anger, negativity, and distance between the two of you... You're worried about the future.

How will the two of you survive these troubled times and keep your family from falling apart? If you aren't sure what - if anything - will repair your marriage... don't panic. You're not alone...and your situation is not hopeless!

There is hope within this book...

If you're willing to make a 30-day commitment, you can restore your marriage. You'll build an everlasting relationship of trust, faith, and love.

The 30-Day Commitment That Will Change Your Life

In just 30 days, you can have the love your marriage and in your home. You can end the fighting, heal the hurt feelings, and reclaim the happiness you and your spouse once shared...and still deserve!

In just 30 days, you can get back the security, devotion, and loving partnership God intended for you to have.

Your marriage doesn't have to fail!

This book contains a step-by-step, day-by-day guide to put your marriage back on track. You'll release the sadness and anger...and move beyond the hopelessness.

Don't let your marriage slip away. Get this book and start the healing today!

Restore Such A Woman Journal

RRP $18.99

A journal for women to chronicle their process of healing and restoration.


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