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Return To Holden Beach

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Kevin Davis saves Anna Caproni from drowning during the summer of 1980 at Holden Beach, North Carolina. A romance develops between the two teenagers, and they profess their love for each other. Plans for them to meet again, however, do not work out over time. What was once a fiery, young love affair seemingly comes to an end. In 2005, twenty-five years later, Kevin comes upon some old photographs of their time together. He calls Anna and finds out that her husband has recently passed away. He offers to meet with her at Holden Beach to help her grieve. Kevin is single, never having found the woman of his dreams. Will they now rekindle their beach romance of long ago?

Eben Holden

RRP $18.99

Early in the last century the hardy wood-choppers began to come west, out of Vermont. They founded their homes in the Adirondack wildernesses and cleared their rough acres with the axe and the charcoal pit. After years of toil in a rigorous climate they left their sons little besides a stumpy farm and a coon-skin overcoat. Far from the centres of life their amusements, their humours, their religion, their folk lore, their views of things had in them the flavour of the timber lands, the simplicity of childhood. Every son was nurtured in the love of honour and of industry, and the hope of sometime being president.

It Happened In A Holden

RRP $19.99

  • One of the best loved hits at Christmas 2014, It Happened in a Holden sold over 14,000 copies and was reprinted twice.
  • Now with a very attractive new price point at $19.99 (new ISBN also).
  • Beautifully packaged and presented gift for Father’s Day for the huge army of Holden fans.
  • Features stories from celebrities such as Shane Jacobson, Frankie J Holden and Bruce Beresford, writers such as Cate Kennedy, Kerry Greenwood, John Romeril and Anna Krien, and also stories from individuals submitted through callouts on ABC radio.
  • Packed full of classic photographs of nearly every model of Holden, many from the Holden archives themselves, and many from proud Holden families and fans.


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